Premiere Services

You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.

There is a small segment of our clientele that have unique interests in business. They drive revenues in one area of their life (sport/acting/entertainment), but want to diversity their interests by getting involved in other business areas outside of their primary industry. Sometimes they do this in order to amplify their brand in the marketplace; other times they want to be involved in something completely different than what they do day to day. In some cases it could be an actor getting involved in fashion, a rock star financing a hotel, or even an athlete acquiring and lending his name to a chain of fitness centers.  From professional athletes to singer/songwriters to television/movie actors through to celebrity chefs and writers, our clientele wants to have an adviser in their corner they can objectively discuss business opportunities with.

When working with premiere clients, we assess their business interests (current and projected) to measure each opportunity they are presented with through the measurables of profitability, sustainability, scalability, and the overall effect it will have on their current holdings. Premiere clients don’t have to come from a business background in order to make smart business decisions. As a rule, we don’t partner, propose, or participate in any ventures that our clients are considering.  We are a fee based service which ensures that we are always acting with the utmost propriety and objectivity. It is impossible to give independent opinion if you are attached to the outcome.

For our clients in this niche, we are respectful of their celebrity, but not influenced by it. We practice the strictest of confidentiality with all clients and believe that good decisions can be made with good information and good advice. We are not ‘yes’ men (or women) and we always tell our clients what they need to know, even if that news isn’t what they wanted.  Good or bad, we always put information forth in the clients’ best interests and based on proven business models and experience. We take pride in the deals our clients do as much as we do in the deals they don’t do.

*Please note: Premiere services are available by invitation only. We discuss the program with the client themselves and then are prepared to work through a business manager/agent, at the discretion of the client.  To inquire about if premiere services are a fit for you, please contact