Practice Builder

Developing business is like constructing a building; if you start wrong, you’ll end wrong.

The Practice Builder is a step by step program targeted at white-collar professionals who want to build their book of business. From lawyers to wealth managers, and accountants through to real estate brokers, the Practice Builder covers six fundamental areas of business development.

The program can be delivered in two formats. Through a lecture series where professionals under the same banner can come together and learn core pieces of business building collectively. The advantage to this for a company is that all the professionals in the company can start using the same tools in bringing in business. This streamlines the management process top down, ensures that everyone has the proper tools and understanding of the use of these tools to be successful, and there are measurements in place to track development.

For professionals, we have a one-on-one option. This is more for the high flying pros who want the edge in business. They are either looking to enter new markets and want some new tools to use, or are looking to refresh what they have been working on by adding some additional asset to their business development tool kit. For either reason, our advisers work closely, and in confidence, with these professionals to customize the application of the tools for their specific needs/goals.

Since 2000, the Practice Builder has been delivered in groups, and individually to over 4,000 professionals in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. From small sales teams of ten people through to Fortune 100 companies, our advisers and trainers have extensive experience in marrying content to context. Not only do participants learn what the tools are; they are trained on the application of these tools in various settings. The Practice Builder has become one of the ‘crown jewels’ of our training program.