A good deal is like a suspension bridge – each stakeholder adds strength and takes none away.

Structuring a deal is like building a bridge. It takes two sides, the appreciation for the gap, and a willingness by both sides to come together for a common benefit. A properly structured deal saves time, saves money, avoids liticious situations, examines short and long-term viability, ensures that the right people are in the deal, and that the deal will serve mutually beneficial interests to all involved.

Our team works with clients in a variety of deal structures from as fundamental as a shareholders agreement through to more complicated structures like licensing master agreements, etc. Regardless or the model or size of client, we bring objectivity, experience, and practicality to the situation  to support the right deals happening and the wrong deals being avoided. We believe that a win/lose deal is an oxymoron. In this situation, the winner still always loses, just not right away. Deals and their negotiation either need to be win/win or they need to not happen.

Clients find that we are most effective when they bring us in during one of three phases:

  1. They are ready fo explore a deal and want to come up with the structure before they start to target potential partners.
  2. They have an opportunity they are currently exploring  with another party nad they are unsure how to proceed/what to ask for.
  3. They are in the middle of a deal and it is either ‘stuck’, at a ‘cross roads’, or they are wanting a sober second thought before they finalize the deal.

From concept through to completion, we can co-pilot the deal structure and development with our clients. We have pre-vetted professionals (lawyers & accountants) that can support the legal and financial requirements of a deal) or can work with existing advisers. All in all, our position is to find a viable deal structure that supports our client’s interests and the interests of all stakeholders.