Satisfaction does not come with achievement, but with effort. Full effort is full victory.

Business development is the life blood of any business model. It is the central component of a successful company. It is also identified by many incorrect names: sales, branding, marketing, public relations, client management, etc. Business development is the process of developing a business. It is the overall and all encompassing pare of a profitable venture.

  • Sales: is the deployment of a strategy to close new accounts.
  • Marketing: is the eduction of markets on the core values and offerings of a company.
  • Advertising: is a function of marketing and used as a communications channel for messaging.
  • Branding: is the development and deployment of key messaging about a product, service, and company.
  • Public Relations: is a function of marketing and is a communications channel to the market.
  • HR: finding the right people for the right positions so the company can operate effectively.
  • Finance: Managing the cash flow, interests and assets of a company.

All are necessary components to business development, but none can exist without business development. All of the above areas are ‘functions’ of a business; business development is the overlying ‘order’ to these functions. Many professionals will claim to be business developers, but in truth, they are exceptional in one ‘function’ of business. The litmus test is to ask them how they see all the components working together and how they manage the different functions.

We work clients in calibrating (or re-calibrating) their business models. This is business development in its purist form. We look at all aspects of the business and determine how it is working as a whole. Are the functions of the company working together? Is the profit model in place? Is there a plan that is being followed with measurables? Are there the right resources in place to support the company objectives? Is the company structured for growth? Are there challenges lying under the surface that can be mitigated through strategy? Can the company become more sustainable and then scalable?

These are questions that we ask each and every one of our clients and then get in there and determine what can be done to tighten things up, make things easier for the client, and deliver robust and measurable results. We look top down; bottom up; outside in; and inside out. Bringing objectivity, experience, and superior planning and tactical abilities allows us to deliver results every time…guaranteed.